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Hello and Welcome to IntuitiveJennHodgson.com.  My name is Jenn and I grew up in a small town and in fact still live in a small town just not the one I grew up in. I began to experience things at a very early age and thought that everyone could do the same things that I could. I thought everyone had dreams and they came true, I thought that everyone said things and watched them unfold, I thought that everyone just knew about things that were going to happen or knew the right person to go to and let them know they needed to call home or check on a loved one or a friend. My views on many things would change when I began doing paranormal investigations in 2009 and even more when my cousin passed away in 2010.  This would be the turning point

in my life where I began to explore everything and anything that I could. I would read books, watch videos and talk to people who understood what was happening with me. As I explored and learned there was a name for all the things I was doing I got even more excited about the possibilities but at the same time I was afraid of what people would think. So, I had to work through all of that and so much more. Eventually I did work through all my fears and what if’s and just decided to be me, I knew there would be people who would understand and there would be people who wouldn’t understand, and I was ok with that.

As my abilities grew so did my confidence and so did the number of people coming to me asking for help developing their own abilities. At first, I thought I could write a book and people would read the book, The Ups, Downs & AHA! Moments of Your Journey: Connecting the Spirit, Mind, & Body,
and it would get them started on their journey. At the time I wasn’t ready to teach, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was meant to teach, I was meant to heal people with my words and to give them hope, inspire them and let them know they aren’t alone and they can achieve their goals and their dreams.

I think it’s important to follow your dreams and I think it’s important to be happy in your own skin. If that’s being a psychic, medium, teacher, business owner or anything else then do it. Do something every day that gets you one step closer to doing what it is you want. There is no time limit except the limits you put on yourself.

In my spare time when I am not helping others with their own path or their business or even with the paranormal group that my husband, Steve, and I founded I travel, write, read, garden and sped time with my family and friends. I am just like all of you, I have good days and I have not so good days, but I know that even on the days that aren’t so great there is something positive to take from that and a lesson to learn.

If you’re ready to begin your unique journey or you have questions about spirituality I would be thrilled to be a part of that.

Jennifer has been married to her husband, Steve, for fourteen years. Steve and Jennifer live in a small town in Indiana. They have two daughters, Amanda and Samantha. They also have four grandchildren, Evan, Aubrie, Abbagale, and Delaney.